The theory of interaction

Smulsky J.J.

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In the monograph it is justified the calculation approach of electromagnetic and gravitational interactions of moving bodies, in which the space, time and mass do not depend on the movement. The main concepts of mechanics are analysed and determined. From the experimental laws the main electrodynamic equations are derived. Having solved them the force of interaction of two moving bodies is founded and the trajectories of their movement are obtained. The forces of action of the different form bodies are derived and the methods of account of the elementary particles accelerators are given. The applicability boundaries of the Theory of Relativity are considered and the light phenomena are represented at movement of the receiver and source. The interactions of two bodies at nearluminal velocities are investigated. The results of modern observations of superluminal movements are analysed, the methods of superluminal particles production are represented and the perspectives of their use at the unasteroidal defense of the Earth and for cosmic flights to stars are shown. The problems of the gravity velocity propagation, precession of the Mercury perihelion, the substance accretion and the Sun energy are considered. The problem of many bodies is represented and for special cases the accurate solution is obtained.

The book will be useful for inquisitive senior pupils, students, teachers of physics and physicists.