Physical Foundations of NANOTECHNOLOGIES. Physics at the Turn of the Millennium

Voronov V.K., Podoplelov A.V., Sagdeev R.Z.

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The present textbook deals with physical foundations of nanotechnologies. The book consists of three quite independent chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the plasma state of matter, its fundamental physical phenomena, their laws and regularities. The fundamental ideas related to physics micro- and a nanoworld of the condensed bodies are covered in the second chapter of the textbook. Finally, the third chapter discloses new theoretical and experimental methods for the investigations of multi-electron systems. The textbook is written basing on the materials, which have been selected from the reviews published in the “Advances in Physical Sciences” journal.

The present textbook is intended for senior students, who are studying at the universities training engineers for industrial production and researchers for the institutes. The book can also be useful for the students of other specialties of the natural-science and technical profiles in universities, where there are training courses dealing with physical phenomena of nano- and microworld. The book will be of interest for teaching staff of the universities and for all who are fond of physics and its current state.



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